Oppliappan Koil

Oppliappan koil is one of the other temples we visited in the navagraha tour and it  is situated near Thirunageswaram temple.  It is one of the 108 divya desams. The main deity is Oppliappan and the lord resembles Sri Venkatachalapathi in  Tirumala.

To learn more about this temple visit http://oppiliappantemple.org/efirstpage.html

Location: It is about 6 Km from Kumbakonam.

How to get there:  Frequent bus services available from Kumbakonam bus station.


Kumbakonam, Temple Town

Kumbakonam is one of  the oldest town in Thanjavur District. There are numerous temples in the town. And so it is called as Temple Town.

It is known for Mahamaham Festival that takes place once in every 12 years.  The mahamaham tank where this festival is celebrated is at the heart of the town.

I just summarise some of the temples we visited in  the town.

  • Adi Kumbeshwarar temple, Shiva temple
  • Sarangabani temple, Vishnu temple
  • Chakarabani temple, Vishnu temple
  • Ramasamy temple, Vishnu temple
  • Nageswaran temple, Shiva temple
  • Kasi Viswanathan temple, Shiva temple
  • Ucchipillaiyar koil, Vinayakar temple

All of these temples are in the town. You can visit them by walk in leisure or hire an auto to visit all of them. 

For more details on Kumbakonam visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumbakonam

Some of the known lodges in the town:

  • Kasi Towers
  • Kasi International
  • Hotel ARK
  • Sri Chelli
  • Siva International

Some of the known hotels:

  • Hotel Archana
  • Venkataramana Hotel
  • Mami Mess
  • Meenakshi Bavan


Thirunageswaram was the last navagraha temple we visited.  This temple is dedicated to Lord Rahu.

The main deity is shiva named Nagathasamy.  There is a separate shrine for Rahu with his consorts. The temple complex is very large.

For more information on Thirunageswaram visit http://thirunageswaramraghutemple.org/

Location: It is about 6 km from Kumbakonam.

How to get there:  There are frequent bus services available from Kumbakonam.


Thirunallar is the next temple we visited after Keelperumpallam. The main deity is shiva named Darbarnyeswarar.

This temple gets prominence because of Sani (Saturn). Saneeswarar is in a separate sanctum at the entrance of the temple. There is a temple tank outside the temple called Nala Theertham.

For more information on Thirunallar visit http://www.thirunallarsaneeswaran.org/contact.html

Location: It is near to Karaikal (in Puducherry). It is about 65 kms from Kumbakonam.

vaitheesawaran Koil

After Kanchanoor we went to Vaitheeswaran Koil. This temple is dedicated to Chevvai (Mars).

The main deity is shiva named Vaidhyanathasamy.  There is a separate shirne for Lord Angaraka (Chevvai). The temple complex is large and the temple tank is inside the temple.

Location: It is situated on the way between Myiladuthurai and Chidambaram. It is about 50 km from Kumbakonam.

How to get there: From Kumbakonam go to Myiladuthurai and take bus proceeding to Sirkali/Chidambaram.